Specialist Computer Systems Ltd are once again leading the way in development of ICT proposals to fit with the latest an-nounced Priority School Building Programme and Academy Batch procurements both funded by the EFA.

Specialist Computer Systems Ltd has a rich experience of delivering ICT solutions to new build/refurbishment academies including North Durham Academy, Bolingbroke Academy and North Shore Health Academy and have recently completed PSBP in the East Batch 1, NW 1 Batch 1 and NW Batch 2 schemes.

Specialist Computer Systems Ltd expertise in this area focuses on:

  • The New Technical Decant Protocol and minimising the integration risk for the school and contractor.
  • Focused cost effective compliant Active and Wireless solutions.
  • Design of integrated school environments where ICT is the focus.
  • Innovative energy saving ICT solutions which integrate with BMS.
  • Full ICT infrastructure design and installation.
  • Provision and/or decant of Audio Visual and security solutions.

We also continue to provide our ICT support service to schools and provide ICT solutions pro-curement and installations.

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